Tuesday, July 8, 2014

iTemplate an Incredible Blogger Template - Fully Responsive

iTemplate is a new blogger template designed by ThatsBlogging .iTemplate theme comes with many bombastic features which really makes it an incredible theme.This theme has fully responsive design and an incredible outlook which fits on high end mobile screen, To test this template responsive design just resize your browser.

iTemplate info

  • Template Name : iTemplate Fully Responsive
  • Template Price: 0 $
  • Release Date : 07/09/14
  • License : Free 
  • URL : ThatsBlogging.Blogspot.com
  • Designer : Iftikhar uddin

Features of iTemplate Blogger Template

Fully Responsive Design

Incredible Outlook
Grid Style

Pagination Ready
Fantastic Footer

Cool Navigation Menu
Latest Coding
Beautiful Subheading style
Popular Post Widget
Free of Cost
and many other features!


  • For adding Facebook Like Box , just go to layout >> Click On edit Love us widget , Copy the below script >> Change ThatsBlogging and write your own fb page username and paste it over there that's it.
<iframe src="//www.facebook.com/plugins/likebox.php?href=http://www.facebook.com/Thatsblogging&amp;width=300&amp;height=248&amp;colorscheme=light&amp;show_faces=true&amp;border_color&amp;stream=false&amp;header=false&amp;" style="border:none; overflow:hidden; width:300px; height:248px;" ></iframe>
  • For Beautiful look change the number of posts per page to 6 as shown below

  • For Changing Logo Go To Blogger Dashbaord >> Click On Template >> Edit Template >> Search for tinypic as shown below and replace the image link with your desired logo link. 
  • For Changing Links in the Top menu search for Home or Templates in the template html code , then change the links to your blog links.
  • For Changing Order Now Button Link Go to Template HTML again and Search for ordernow , there change the services link to your desired link.
  • If you want any other thing to change , just drop comments below i will help you!
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Blogger Tricks

AdSense Ads Not Showing On HomePage - Problem Solved

AdSense Ads Not Showing On HomePage: It happens when you are new to Blogging and  AdSense world.The Problem is your AdSense ads will not be displayed on the home page of your blog or website.Actually it's not a big problem but you have to set your blog preferences.And that's all the secret behind fixing this Problem.

How To Fix This Problem

  • Go To Blogger Dashboard 
  • Click On Settings
  • Click On Preferences

  •  Now Just Scroll Down little below
  • You will see the below area called Meta Tags as shown
  • Now Enable Search Description (click on yes) and give a little description about your blog.
  • That's it
So What's Up : You may have search alot about this problem ,every one is explaining it in it's own way but the solution is here.Stay Blessed , Happy Blogging!

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Monday, May 26, 2014

The Game of SEO

The Game of SEO :Search Engine Optimization is a dirty game via which you can boost organic traffic to your website.It's three letters word but actually this word has brought revolution in the internet world.Remember it is not Science !! But actually it is an art.


The Implications of Keywords

Whenever we talk about the Keyword Strategy the basic thing we need to remember is that all of this is dependent on the Search Engines.The Search Engine is actually , what the means and way provide to the searchers , so it is hell true that we are at the mercy of Search Engine.Now how to deal with the search engines ? 

Familiarize Your Self with the Page Title 

Whenever you are going to implement  your keywords in the article , the most obvious and important thing to implement is the Page Title.The Page title is usually at the top of the browser , page title settings is completely under your control , you can change the title to your desired words.In the page title relevant keyword should be used , why? Because the Page Title is the primary SEO Element of each page ! Now write what you have mentioned in the title i.e summarize the title keyword in the article.Key points you should implement on your blog for the page title is given below 
  • Your Page title should not exceed the limit of 65 Characters ! Oh what i type 65? Yes, Search engine only shows the first 65 Characters , so you should limit your page title to the 65 Characters, you can exceed the 65 characters limit but it will be considered bad SEO.

Understand the Page Structure Clearly

Whenever the search engine servers download your website pages it looks the structure of the website.Let's suppose you have a website having navigation menu where keywords are used in such away that it is related to your website so it will be considered good SEO.Moreover headings should be used in the format given below.
  • h1 for Primary Headlines
  • h2 for Subheadings
  • h3 For minor headings
  • and So on
Links on the navigation and footer are considered navigational links by Search Engines and the links which are used in the content will  be treated differently. Because the footer and navigational links are repeated in every page.

Headline ?

For Better SEO we should use only One H1 headline tag per page, as in the newspaper there is only one big headline , likewise we should use one H1 headline tag per page.

How About your Content?

Content are the words which are on your page , the contents that has listed and the contents that has the keywords , and it explains the information about the specific topic.Your Contents should be real , not copied and should be well occupied by the relevant keyword.But remember don't use too much keywords , because the excess of everything is bad! Actually there is a term keyword density !! which means the number of keywords used in the content , so for Good SEO it should be used less.

Links : Anchor Text

<p> View
<a href="how_to_write.html">
Writing </a> Helps you to write </p>
Take a look on the above code, whenever you are writing an article keep in mind you should use this anchor text very carefully.You can use it as a keyword , it will  be good for your website SEO and Link building strategy.

Image file-names and attributes

Look at the below code

<img src="images/pizza.jpg" alt="pizza" width="200" height="70" />
  •  The name of image(pizza) should be meaningful , so it will help you to bring the images in image search engine quickly.Another option is alt attribute.It Provides context for search engine when the images are not loading.It also gives a tiny boost for keyword relevance.It also helps to bring your website image to the top in the search engine , so do use these options and always define it clear and well.
 Note : The above proper naming techniques hold for videos and document file names also.

So What's Up : I just tried to wind up the word SEO in this article , however it was not possible , i will publish more articles on SEO so stay in touch and its the time to bring your blog at the top of the Google!
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

iGrid Responsive Blogger Template

iGrid Responsive Blogger Template: Grid Grid and Grid , it is the most trending keyword these days in Google , every buddy is in search of grid style blogger templates.Mostly those people who are sharing blogger templates are keenly interested in these types of templates.Actually it adds five stars to the beauty of their site.I mixed different color combinations in this template hope you will love my design.I also added a fantastic pagination in this template.Moreover the template is fully responsive and stylish one.

 Info About iGrid

Template Name: iGrid Responsive Blogger Template
Template Author and Designer: Iftikhar uddin
URL : ThatsBlogging.Blogspot.com
Release Date: 05/21/2014
Price : 0$ 

Features of iGrid Responsive Blogger Template

  • Fully Responsive and Stylish
  • Awesome Pagination 
  • Beautiful Menu at Header
  • Grid Style
  • Magazine Style
  • SEO Friendly
  • Beautiful image hover
  • Beautiful Ribbon at Top and Bottom
  • Cool Colors Combination
  • Well and Clean Coded
  • Free To Download
  • Cool Widgets
Configuration : For adding Links to the header menu Go To Blogger Dashboard >> Template >> Edit Template >>  Search for (CTRL+F) navmenutop  as shown below (click on the image to see it clear)
    <ul id='menu'>
    <li><a href='#'>Blog</a></li>
    <li><a href='#'>Forum</a></li>
    <li><a href='#'>Contact</a></li>
    <li><a href='#'>Terms and Condition</a></li>
    <li><a href='#'>Services</span></a></li>
  • Replace # with the URLs of your Blog
  • That's it!
 So What's Up: This is my 2nd Blogger Template hope you will like it , please don't remove the footer credit , because i am giving it for free you should respect me ;) !
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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Optimize Your Blog Search Ranking with Social Media

Optimize Your Blog Search Ranking with Social Media: SEO means (Search Engine optimization), these are a set of tactics that webmasters uses to crawl their  weblog/site.SEO is not the game of kids , it's not what you think you will get it but its what you Do with interest and getting the fruits in bundles. SEO is a very vast field.Its not the matter of days or weeks it’s the matter of years.And one more thing which is very frustrating i.e SEO is changing throughout the year.So you have to keep your self up-to date to the most popular SEO service providers like Single Grain and Quick-sprout and Search Engine Land.

Well , today we are going to talk about how you can get benefit from social media for better optimization   of your content.Site like Delicious, Share this, Pinterest, Digg etc allows you to share your link and these   sites have high PR( Page rank) which ranges from 4 to 7.And it is the most basic need of SEO to build   links back to your content but having one thing be kept in your mind the link should be relevant to your website.

Why To Optimize Blog with Social Media

This is quite obvious, the main tactic of getting a better rank for you keyword is to build relevant do-follow links back to your blog/content. Social media sites like Google+,StumbleUpon, Digg, Share this, Twitter,Facebook, Pinterest, and Delicious give you the ability to dig your link there as a result you get a do-follow link from their sites ,which enhance your rank for that specific keyword.And here also comes the game of linking , you will get alot of back-links from these ideal websites.As a result your website will dance in search engine.
  • One thing which is most important is Google+ , the Google+ is the main source these days for indexing your Blog/Websites post very quickly.Google+ will helps you to share your recently posted articles with your Friends in Circles and to any one who search for the specific topic you included in the article.
  • People will come to know about your website/blog
  • If they like they will surely share it with their friends
  • If it is helpful , you will be trusted and trust is every thing 
  • The more the People views your blog , the more you will get your blog in SERPs.
  • Your Blog will get alot of views and your blog will be on top of Search Engine
  • It will enables your Blog to be crawled by search engine
So What's Up : Just make an account on these social media sites digg you links enhance you ranking in search  results.However, you can bring your readers more closer to your content and they can also dig you links in these social media sites if you add a social sharing widget to your blog.So when readers read your   posts if they like it they just share your posts and you get more links pointing towards your content. 

Author : Haider Ali is a passionate Blogger from Swabi (K.P.K).He likes to write about Blogging tricks, tips, SEO, tech  and gaming.Currently he is working on his new Blog Bloggingdust. You Can catch him via Facebook.
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Add Ribbon Above the Header in Blogger

Add Beautiful Ribbon Above the Header in Blogger : Adding ribbon in blogger is very easy , it need just few steps and the game is over ! Actually adding ribbon to the header or above header or any where in blog makes the outlook of blog more sexy.You may have observed the ribbon of my blog which is a rainbow style, now how to add ribbon like that in Blogger Header or above the header follow the below steps.

How to Add Ribbon Above the Header in Blogger

  • Go To Blogger >> Dashboard
  • Click On Template >> Edit HTML
  • Now Search for <head> tag and just above the head tag add the below div
 <div class='ribbon'></div>

  • You can add this div any where in the blog (where you want to show the ribbon i.e in the head , below the head or above the head)
  • After adding the div save your template !

Applying CSS  

  • Now we can apply the CSS on the above declared class(ribbon)  
  • For Applying the CSS go to blogger dashboard again
  • Click On Template
  • This time Click on Customize >> Go To Advanced  >> Click On Add CSS
  • And Now Copy the below CSS script and add it there
 .ribbon {
width: 100%;
height: 3px;
background: url(http://oi57.tinypic.com/9k8hlf.jpg)  0 0 no-repeat;
background-size: 100%;z-index: 1;

  •  .ribbon is the Class which we have declared above , if you want to change the name of the class you can do it just by changing ribbon to your desired name in both (HTML and CSS)
  • background property will add the image which you are using as a ribbon
  •  For adding your own image just change the URL(http://oi57.tinypic.com/9k8hlf.jpg) to your desired image URL !
  • Now Click On Apply this Template
  • and That's it ! 
  • Checkout your Blog now a ribbon will dance above the header section.
So What's Up : After a long time i shared an article with you People hope you will love it . I was busy in exams , now i am totally free INSHALLAH will share more interesting tuts with you People , Stay Blessed ! 

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Friday, May 9, 2014

A Complete Guide about SEO and Plagiarism

SEO and Plagiarism (A complete guide to the understanding of the inter-relationship between both): On hearing the term ‘SEO’ or search engine optimization, there is a chance to hear about related terms like tags and link building, all of which impacts the rankings with major search engines. Just as links, images, headlines, title stags and meta-descriptions are vital for any SEO firm, so is the originality of the content. In the cyber environment, almost everything undergoes rapid transformation excepting content, which is glorified, or to be exact, oversold.
Search engines are constantly on the lookout for scanning keywords. So if you possess richness in the keywords you use for your content, it is quite obvious that your search engine rankings will improve. Sadly content theft has spread like wild fire in the online world with the result that many companies have been reproducing copied versions of the original content on the net. This issue of plagiarism has perpetrated to such a level that tackling it has become difficult. But for all the SEO firms, this is important to remember that once a plagiarized material makes it entry to the scene, search presence is quite a distant dream and reputation of the blog site is at stake.
A Complete Guide about SEO and Plagiarism

Plagiarism- A dangerous adversary to SEO professionals and firms

Not many are aware but SEO techniques rest on quantity and not quality. Every moment numerous articles need to be churned out and that too at speeds that can give other competitive firms a run for their money.  For larger firms that have the onus of outsourcing quite a number of writers to procure to their client’s needs, it is imperative to ensure that the content produced is original. With plagiarized articles, a company’s rank takes a backseat as it fails to live upto its expectations. Besides, by not producing unique content, the SEO firm forsakes its professional integrity.
It is not uncommon to find entrepreneurs holding a certain belief as copy-paste work in fragments from others sites are not derogatory. There are others who feel extracting parts of content and blogs from certified websites is justifiable. Whether you take a part or the whole, it is plagiarism after all and in whichever way it is manifested, it is a serious offense.

Penalty for plagiarism by law

Similar content is precarious and contaminates its quality, which in turn affects the web platform and other sites relying on it. It is important you understand what actually duplicity is and what should actually be passed by these engines. No site gets penalized with pages that have repetitive write-ups of a certain page till the time they fall in the same section or have some relational aspects. However, using cloned content deems the site irrelevant and can face really trying times during the screening process.
In such situations, the first thing will be relegating the spam site from the rank and worst of all, the hefty charges that the site is bound to face.

Search engine filters to strain duplicate content

It makes complete sense that individual SEO experts as well as firms have adopted the process of checking content for plagiarism to eliminate duplicity in content and ensure that the process is executed before the distribution phase begins. Contents mostly get scrutinized through multiple layers to check that they are free from any form of plagiarism. First, there are spiders who determine the content originality. Before indexing, some are removed and during the query processing, the last of all the duplicate materials are extracted out finally.
Alternatively, you can consider informing Google about this grave issue and take proper legal steps with the help of your copyright lawyer against the concerned site’s webmaster.

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Need a Professional Template?

If you want something really unique and bombastic , Order a Template ...You will must say wow to the Design!!