Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Unique Content Tips

You need unique content?
Unique content, as recognized via web search tools, is any content that doesn't repeat an excess of content from other online sources. Not at all like what some individuals may think, it’s difficult to attain 100% special articles and you shouldn't even attempt. Contingent upon who you ask, the ideal uniqueness is between 70% and 80% so it doesn't get hailed by Google.

Unique Content Tips

 Nonetheless, assuming that you need to go above and beyond and speak to genuine human book lovers and in addition web indexes, you ought to consider that changed and low quality content is additionally forbidden to any site that needs to accomplish triumph. Truth is told, what's the purpose of positioning high in Google's indexed lists if all your site has on it are severely composed articles? For greatest transformations, verify that in any event some of it is worth perusing and really pertinent in your corner.
As of late, there is a discriminating issue with content. Yippee and MSN and in addition different SS are heartily battle for interesting content, and satellites to duplicate glue boycott. It is in this manner important to move all the interesting content! This is a brilliant key to the entryway of web search tools. In my mind are 3 principle wellsprings of this "gold".

 Unique Content Tips

1. Purchase a marketing specialist, or purchase on the trade of novel articles. There are a couple of new, yet so far they have recently developed. Be that as it may we have a memorable issue with cash, on the grounds that 4-5 $ for every 1000 characters for the satellites are exceptionally exorbitant, separately, this alternative we don't pass, despite the fact that for genuine activities, I propose this strategy, not for the satellites.
Unique Content Tips
2. This examined book - now it is a colossal storage facility of extraordinary content, yet it step by step drained, as stocks to use up pixie books. The expense of "gold" that as a base: a scanner, the time several books, ABBYY Fine Reader, and a little power (after all it is important to press for a book that is overall examined) But we must make certain to give an alternate alternative, in spite of the fact that for me it is still the fundamental source.
Unique Content Tips

3. This is the most guaranteeing and developing strategy – online Free Rewriting tools.
Free Rewriting Article - This system, which naturally swaps the statement for equivalent words. After work, we have generally special content for internet searchers. This is the thing that we require. The whole process takes seconds, however the likelihood Ban altogether decreased. Anyhow today there is strategy to do so. In the first place, off and on again the test is not decipherable. Besides, there is no database of all conceivable equivalent words. However it’s about time and soon this won't happen. Today, I am eagerly utilizing this system. Furthermore this has turned into a great and today the best of synonymy sold.
So it seems that nowadays there are not so many ways to fight with plagiarism. Plagiarized and unoriginal content can bring only troubles, so checking uniqueness of the content is mandatory procedure.

 Author Bio: Wesley Pull is a blogger, writer and internet activist who always fights for unique content and uses to check for plagiarism.
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Blogger Tricks

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Benefits of Hosting Giveaways On Your Blog

Benefits of Hosting Giveaways On Your Blog: You may have noticed that now-a-days bloggers are hosting giveaways on their blogs. If you thinking of why they are hosting these giveaways on their blogs then you are in the right place to know the secret of giveaways ;), because here in this post I will share my opinion that why they are hosting giveaways and what are the benefits of hosting giveaways on blogs.

Giveaway is the name of giving something free of cost to your readers and you know obviously, your blog’s readers will love and will welcome this giveaway. Actually, they will do something (social sharing, email subscription etc) for increasing their chances of winning and that will goes in your favor, right?

Of course, giveaways does matter, there are some benefits of hosting giveaways on your blog which we are going to discuss briefly in this post. In order to get most of the benefits from the giveaways, I think you need to choose a giveaway related to your blog’s niche. But here our topic is to discuss its benefits so we’re are not going broad. Look forward to benefits given below!

Benefits of Hosting Giveaways on Your Blog

So here what are the benefits we are talking about in this post? Is as written below. So let have a look!
  • Get Readers Attraction: Yes, hosting giveaways on your blog will get more attraction of the users, Users like these types of giveaways. They are attracted from the giveaways whenever they saw it on a social network, on your blog ore elsewhere.
  • More Email Subscribers: Yeah, hosting giveaways on your blog will make your one-time visitor to a return reader to your blog. You can make email subscription a mandatory step so when someone participate in the giveaway on your blog they will first subscribe to your email updates and you will get more email subscribers for your blog. And as a result, the participant will make a visit to your blog if he/she liked your new post!
  • Get More Social Signals: One another big benefit of hosting giveaway on your blog is to get social shares for your blog which will not only make your blog famous in very short of time but getting more social signals plays an important role in the eye of search engine optimization SEO. Participants will like, tweet and +1 your blog in order to get more points and you know everyone wants to get more chances to win and they will share your post for increasing their chances of winning. As I mentioned above, they will do for his own but indirectly, it will goes in your favour.
  • Increase Traffic to Your Blog: Hosting giveaways on blogs gives more attraction and gives more traffic in short of time. You know traffic is the soul of a blog. As we mentioned above that participants will share your blog on social profiles occupied by them, in return you not only get social signals but also you will get more traffic on your blog. So if their friends are attracted from the giveaway, they will come, participate and you know what? The process starts again
  • Get Your Blog into Clouds: Whenever someone participants and start sharing your blog, your blog will get famous on the web too, people will start talking about your blog and they will start discussing in their communities and groups etc with their friends that a blog gives a giveaway. On one hand they will increase their chances of winning but on the other hand you will get benefit of their sharing. The more your giveaway shared, the more people will talk about you and as a result, the more your blog will get famous.
So What's Up:We discussed few mind blowing benefits of hosting giveaways on your blog. If you know about any other benefit of hosting giveaways on the blog then let us know about it in the comment box below!.

Author Bio: Basheer Ahmad loves to surf online and share some useful tips and tricks regarding internet. He is the Owner of WWtricks .He recommends Online Grammar Checker Tools Free to make writing error-free.
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thats Blogger Template

Thats Blogger Template : I was as busy as bee in life , at-least I got free for a lil bit time and here I am presenting you the first ever template designed by me for you people.Thats Blogger Template comes with bundle of features ranging from SEO(search engine optimization) kits to responsive design and well organized code.This template has 2 columns layout along with one beautiful sidebar which contains some extra ordinary widgets such as Popular post which swings on mouse hover.Moreover , it has beautiful white color background and is cross-browse supported i.e it works perfectly with Google Chrome,Safari , Mozilla Firefox and IE.You Can get it free from Our Blog.

Template Information 

  1. Template Name:Thats Blogger Template
  2. Template Author: Iftikhar Uddin
  3. Designer: Iftikhar uddin
  4. Price: Free 
  5. License : Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
  6. Release Date: 02/18/2014

Features Of Thats Blogger Template

  • SEO Ready Blogger Template
  • White Background
  • Read more button
  • Beautiful Comment Style

  • Cool Drop Down menu 

  • 2 columns Layout
  • One Side-bar
  • Cool Widgets
  • Calender at each post side

  • Responsive Design
  • Works Perfectly with Google Chrome,IE,and Firefox
  • Download it free from Our Blog ;)
  1. For Changing Links in the "Header Menu" , Click On Template >> EDIT HTML >> Search for(CTRL+F) </head> below there make the desire changes in the html code.
  2. For installing this template first of all download the template >> Save it in a directory >> Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Click On Template >> Backup/Restore >> Click On Choose File >> Select The Downloaded xml file >> and hit upload>> That's it!
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Friday, November 15, 2013

How To Add Border To Post Titles

Add Border To Post Titles in Blogger: Let's play with CSS and change the border of post titles in Blogger.You may have noticed the blog titles comes with "text-decoration:none" by default , in simple words no style is applied to the titles of the Blog Posts.Actually we can change the post titles and can decorate it with different CSS properties but here we gonna apply the border ! Border can be "groove" , "Solid" , "dashed" , or "dotted" having a specific color code and number of pixels.Don't confuse , it is as easy as eating cake.
How To Add Border To Post Titles

How To Add Border To Post Titles

  • Go To Blogger Dashboard
  • Click On Template
  • Search for post-title or .post or only "post"
  • Search until you find the selector "Post Title" as shown below

  • Look at the above snapshot i added there the border Property i.e "border:groove 1px and color" Change these values to your desired values and save the template.You can even change the color of the post title just by simply changing the color code of "COLOR" property in the above script.
  • However here we have selected the border color Groove having gray color and width 1pixel.
  •  That's it !!
 Note : In many templates the POST TITLE Selector is .post-title but if you can't find or if this selector is not available then you have to find the exact and matchable selector i.e the selector which matches with the class or ID defined in the div tags! 
What's Up : Actually this hack will add a gray color border to all the post titles having 1 pixel width ,actually it adds 5 stars to the beauty and style of template.It has no effect on blog loading speed.Stay Blessed ,Happy Blogging!
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How To Add Border To Blog Header Using CSS

 Add Border To Blog Header Using CSS:  Assalamualaikum Friends , after a long time i am back in Blogging , actually i was busy in 2nd Grade studies and now it's going to end !! Hope you all are fine , here is a small trick via which you can add border to your blog header with the help of CSS.Actually it's not a big or smart trick but some people are waiting desperately for this trick! If you are One of them here we go ! You will think how it will looks like? So , take a look on the below snapshot which has 24px cyan color border.And for live demo , take a look on our Blog header.

How To Add Border To Blog Header Using CSS

  • Go To Blogger Dashboard
  • Click On Template
  • Search For "header" and find out "#header-wrapper {" this CSS Code
  • Now below { and above } type border: style pixels color-name  as shown in the below snapshot
  •  Now Save the template and that's it :)
  • You Can Change the Style to dashed , dotted , groove or any style and pixels to your desired no and color to your desire choice!
So What's Up : Actually developers will laugh , but i know many People like this trick and they don't know what to Do and How To Do? But i am here for you guys , if you have any problem you can ask freely , i will help you in any problem . Stay Blessed , Happy Blogging!
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Saturday, October 19, 2013

How To Add Automatic "Read More" Button/Hack in Blogger

Add Automatic Read More Button in Blogger: Although it's not a Big Deal that How To Add Read More Button in Blogger but some new bloggers can't fix this Problem and they are randomly searching for this hack. Let me elaborate it for you People , this is not as hard as "mesothelioma trial attorney " this word .This Hack just add "read more" option in every post. Actually you may have seen in some Blogger Templates that when you post some contents , it just show the whole contents i.e article from Start to the end but this Hack will wind up the article and will not show the whole article but read more button will be present there.So let's add this read more button in blogger.

How To Add Automatic "Read More" Button/Hack in Blogger

  • Go To Blogger Dashboard
  • Now Press CTRL+F and Search for </head>
  • Now Copy the below Script and paste it above </head> tag.
 <script type='text/javascript'>var thumbnail_mode = &quot;no-float&quot; ;
summary_noimg = 500;
summary_img = 450;
img_thumb_height = 100;
img_thumb_width = 120;
<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>
  • You can change the number in red to your desire number. If a post doesn't have images then the length of the summary will be surely 500. If a post contains image, then of course the text length will be 450, And the 1st image that will be displayed will have these dimensions: width= 120, and height= 100.
  • Now Search for <data:post.body/>
  • Now Copy the Below Script and replace the above mentioned script with the below Script
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "static_page"'>
<div expr:id='"summary" +'>
</div><script type='text/javascript'>
<div style='clear: both;'/>
<span class='rmlink' style='float:right;padding-top:20px;'><a expr:href='data:post.url'> Read More... <data:post.title/> </a></span></b:if></b:if>
  • Now Save template and that's it ;)
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Sunday, October 13, 2013

How To Change/Replace Widget's Title with image in Blogger

Change/Replace Widget's Title with image in Blogger : Let's Do Something interesting ! Yep Interesting not much but interesting , today we will replace all widgets titles with an image . Isn't sounds good? Of Course yes.Actually One of our Blog readers ask this Question in Comments "How To Change/Replace Widget's Title with image in Blogger , as you did in your Blog".So I Promised him that I will share the trick with you People and here it is.

How To Change/Replace Widget's Title with image in Blogger

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard
  • Click On Template
  • CTRL+F and Search for the term "blockquote" in CSS section
  • Now Below Blockquote you will find the below CSS Code/script as shown in the below Snapshot
background: url("image url.png")
  • Just Replace that Mentioned Link with your Own Desired image Link
  • And That's it !!
  • For Live Demo You can have a look On my Blog Widgets Titles.
 Note : If background: url is not defined in the CSS You can do it manually just by typing the below script in the CSS as shown above.
background: url("imageurl.png")
So What's Up: Implement this trick if you got any Problem ask any Question freely , I am here to Solve your Problem ;) , Stay Blessed , Happy Blogging!
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