Five Top Reasons You Will Fail in Blogging

Five Top Reasons You Will Fail in Blogging: Five reasons why you fails in Blogging: There are Thousands of blogger who start their career with high passion but fail to gain success, there are many reason behind it.Passion is very necessary thing for blogging but passion to earn money can be costly for your career and can lead to failure in blogging career.Do not keep you focus on earning.This is also why mostly of new bloggers fails.Today i will describe some common thing that cause failure in blogging.

Blog design

Mostly new blogger download free template online and apply on their blog.Template designers make design of their own choice and requirement,like navigation menu and other widgets but newbies do not know how to edit template and modify the template.Navigation menu and design of template help visitors to look for content of their choice.So it is recommend you to make comfortable navigation menu and add important widgets and gadgets like popular post,recent post and random post widget to keep update your visitor about new content on your blog.These widget give more exposure of your blog to visitors and also help to increase page views.

Lake of seo

All professional blogger knows the importance the seo.Every blogger need traffic and without seo it is not possible.If you have no knowledge of seo then a single mistake in seo can be costly for you and can cause blogging failure.Basically there two main pillars of seo, first is on page seo and second one is off page seo.Images are also very important in seo you must optimize post images seo.It also help visitors to understand the topic.Seo is very sensitive thing, a single mistake can destroy your blogging career.There are numerous thing in search engine optimization process, it is not a single point and It takes time it is not a one day procedure, you have to work regularly.Hence to avoid failure in blogging you must have enough knowledge of seo.You should also read about SEO for a new Website

Not updating blog regularly

Time is important thing to update your blog.Many bloggers are studying or working so it is hard for them to mange time for blogging, but it is necessary to manage it.Updating you post with new information and giving reply to comments, these are very small but important things in blogging career.You must keep your eye on broken links and errors and try to fix them as soon as possible.

Lack of common skills

For successes full blogging you must have good writing skills.It is very basic need of  blogger Try to give valuable information to your visitors.Grammar and misspelling can change meaning of whole sentence.It can also cause failure and destroy your blogging career.Use simple english words in your article.Images are important thing , it help visitors it attract the attention of viewers, so you must have photo editing skills.The most popular image editing software is adobe photoshop,it is very easy to use.It is very useful in blogging career.

lack of social media presence

This is very important factor for success full blogging career.Do not focus only at facebook, try promote your blog on other popular social media networks, like twitter google plus and many others.
Join blogging communities and forums, communicate with other blogger and make relation with them.You can gain huge number of visitors only from social media site, not just that it also help in ranking your blog to top.Hence social media can make your blogging career successful so do not  ignore it.

Iftikhar Uddin

I am a Web Developer,Graphic Designer,Blogger Wizard,WordPress Samurai,Code Engineer,SEO Guru,Software Engineer and food hunter.

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    At first Thanks a lot.. But could you please provide me little bit knowledge about "How we can make a impressive blog post." Do you have any tool which can better perform on blog post? But thanks first for sharing wonderful tips.

    1. No all you need to do is a little bit research about what you gonna post. And use your creativity.
      That's it!

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  3. that was a great post Iftikhar Uddin really these are the main common reasons of failure for newbies i really appreciate your work and research about the failure or new blogger who are just starting blogging
    keep it up and make it more helpful for newbies

    thanks for sharing

  4. I want to create my own blog. So, thanks for these advices. I agree that grammar and misspelling can change meaning of whole sentence. Undoubtedly, it can destroy the blogging career. The will help you to know more writing tips.

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