Learn Basics Of JavaScript By Iftikhar uddin

Learn Basic of JavaScript Language -  Interested in learning JavaScript Language ? If yeah then you are gonna meet an amazing instructor who will teach you JavaScript Language step by step . Here is a video series you need to start from the first and go to the end if you are new to javascript or if you are pro or intermediate programmer then you can watch your desire lecture.
Learn Basic of JavaScript Language By Iftikhar uddin

About Instructor

This javascript tutorial series is made by a Software Engineer Iftikhar uddin . He has solid expeirence in many computer languages and playing with programming day and night. He is Full Stack Web developer, Open Source Fan, SEO consultant, and programming guru.You can meet him on Facebook, Twitter, Stackoverflow, and GitHub.

Lecture # 1 - Introduction To JavaScript

In this tutorial we will learn What is JavaScript ? Where JavaScript is used ? What are the advantages of JavaScript and how to learn it quickly with the help of this course.

JavaScript Tutorial 2 - How to Link JavaScript in HTML

In this tutorial i will show you how to code JavaScript in HTML by 3 ways.The number one is in body section , no 2 is in Head Section and no 3 is in external JavaScript file.

JavaScript Tutorial 3 - Basics Of JavaScript 

In this tutorial i have explained the basics of JavaScript , it includes how to comment in JavaScript , How to declare a Variable in JavaScript, How to concatenate two strings in JavaScript , and how to do mathematical operations in JavaScript.

JavaScript Tutorial 4 - All about functions in JavaSript

In this tutorial we will learn what Function is in Programming ? We will learn about types of function in JavaScript and it's use in JS.

JavaScript Tutorial 5 - Local and Global Variable Difference

In this tutorial we will learn the difference between local and global variable and it's use

JavaScript Tutorial 6 - Alert Box in JavaScript

In this tutorial we gonna learn about the JavaScript Alert Box and it's uses.

JavaScript Tutorial 7 - Confirm Box in Javascript

In this tutorial i am gonna explain what confirm box is ? And where we can use it !

JavaScript Tutorial 8 - Prompt box in javascript 

In this tutorial we will discuss about prompt box in javascript and it's use.

JavaScript Tutorial 9 - IF ELSE Conditional Statements 

In this tutorial we gonna take a look on conditional statements in javascript and their uses.

JavaScript Tutorial 10 - ELSE IF in JavaScript Programming

JavaScript Tutorial 11 - Switch statement in Javascript

JavaScript Tutorial 12 - For loop in Javascript

Thanks for watching these videos, more videos are coming soon so stay tuned ! If you liked our videos please share it with your friends so that they can get benefit from this course.

Iftikhar Uddin

I am a Web Developer,Graphic Designer,Blogger Wizard,WordPress Samurai,Code Engineer,SEO Guru,Software Engineer and food hunter.

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